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Yigal Ziv - Individual Bio

Yigal Ziv is a software development professional who was born in Israel. After growing up in his home country and graduating from university, he moved to the United States to work for his employer’s company and to pursue a career in software. Over the years, Mr. Ziv played an important part in the creation and implementation of many programs, including using data to drive machine productivity.

Yigal Ziv's Current Role and Duties

Mr. Ziv is currently President at Lemoine Multinational Technologies, Inc., which he has owned since March of 1988. After 34 years at Lemoine, Mr. Ziv has seen his venture grow through several shifts, and he has been instrumental in implementing new directions for the company.

Lemoine Technologies came to the United States in 1988. This international company used digitized systems to revolutionize the way machines create molds and dyes — and it hasn’t stopped since. Learn more about his extensive history with Lemoine, as well as what the company does and how its products play an important role in modern life, in the following sections.

Academic and Career History

Yigal Ziv began a long and productive career in the technology industry when he attended Tel Aviv University, a public research university that is currently ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world by the Center for World University Ranking as well as one of the top two universities in Israel by the U.S. News and World Report.

After graduating from Tel Aviv University, Mr. Ziv gained employment in the software field. He volunteered to move to the United States in 1983 to hold the same position in his employer’s company in order to expand their reach in the states.

After living for five years in the United States, Mr. Ziv decided to go into business for himself. He founded Lemoine Multinational Technologies, Inc. in Commerce, Michigan with the aim to improve the way machines worked with data. His company has seen much success over the years, including using data to boost the productivity of machines that are used in industrial applications.

Learning How To Use Data in Driving Productivity of Machines

When Yigal Ziv began working in software development that pertained to decreasing machining times of molds and dies, he noticed that machines were idled waiting on machining programs from the CAM department. Mr. Ziv noticed that machine operators were an underutilized resource that could be trained to make their own machining programs, and thus keep up with what was required to keep their machines producing.

This was the birth of shop floor programming for mold shops that changed the way mold shops operated. This mindset revolutionized Mr. Ziv’s personal business.

Lemoine Multinational Technologies Today

Over the past three and a half decades, Lemoine Technologies has become a leader in the field of 2.5-D and 3-D machining. Lemoine’s 2.5-D machining models improve the following areas:



Core and cavity

While 2.5-D cams work well for their specific purposes, at times, it's important to see more of the machine to facilitate faster programming. In addition to 2.5-D cams, Lemoine’s 3D machining capabilities include these areas:

3+2 Machining

Smooth finish

High-speed milling


Electrode design

Perhaps most importantly, Lemoine is a leader in the field of using data to implement change even as machines work. Yigal Ziv has spent his career ensuring that data is collected and processed in real-time in order to drive faster and more accurate production in machines.


Using the mindset to drive productivity on shop floors influenced many of Yigal Ziv’s career decisions, and Lemoine itself is still a leader in the field. A few more of Mr. Ziv’s accomplishments over his decades working with machines include the following:

Introducing shop floor programming in tool shops in 1992.

Introducing machine data collection for data-driven machining in 2000.

Creating and implementing Pulse, Lemoine’s innovative machine monitoring technology, that has been used to monitor both small and large machines and their processes since 2000.

Professional Skills and Experience

Yigal Ziv has expertise in software development and improving industrial applications. Because he has lived in both Israel and the United States — and because his company is international — he possesses qualities that many business owners in the States do not, such as the ability to see the world from a multicultural point of view. He also possesses skills in negotiation, communication, and leadership due to his lifelong career in business ownership.


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